Skin Care

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The best kept secret for years FRUIT ACIDS, have been used for years in doctors offices and beauty salons to reduce acne and to melt away wrinkles through face peels. These naturally occurring agents are found in such things as grapes, apples, citrus and sugar cane and possess beneficial, non-toxic properties that help the skin retain its youth and vitality. Click Here to watch our all new PRODUCT VIDEO!

EPEX, developed by Dr. Jeffrey Lauber,M.D., a board certified Dermatologist, brings a state of the art product to the arena of rejuvenation products on the market today. For more information about our dermatology practice click here.

After cleansing the face, the small, pearl-sized drop is applied over the face (except for areas near the eyes) and left on for one minute, then rinsed off completely with water. The time may be increased by one minute each week to a maximum of five minutes.

The nightly application of EPEX will not interfere with the use of other facial cosmetic programs. This gradual process of exfoliation and cleansing does not produce “overnight” results and must be used continuously over a period of months to achieve maximum results of a softer, smoother skin and the reduction and the removal of lines and skin pigmentation.

EPEX can be used by persons with all complexion types and unlike dermatalogical medicines, such as Retin-A, EPEX does not require a perscription and causes no unwanted side effects such as dryness, flaking, scaling, redness, or increased photosensitivity.

The hands, one of the most noticeable features of a person’s anatomy often show signs of aging. Dark spots, commonly known as liver spots, and loose wrinkled skin are a common feature of the aging process.
EPEX, with it’s natural ingredients, has been shown to be effective as an aid in the management of some hand problems often seen in nail salons. These include: brittle and dry cuticles due to extensive manicuring; cracked and chafed hands from over exposure to water; and dehydrated nail plates resulting from prolonged contact with the chemicals used in nail products.

For at home use or during the manicuring session, EPEX restores the suppleness to cracked, dry hands and allows the cuticleand nail plates to regain their natural texture. Daily massage of small amounts of EPEX into the cuticles, nails and hands begins the rejuvenation process and works to alleviate unsightly blemishes.