I found out I had HPV just over 3 years ago and went to 3 so-called specialists before finding Dr. Jeffrey Lauber. First, I went to an urologist who diagnosed me and performed laser treatments, which only led to the spread of the virus to other areas. I endured laser treatments for about 6 months but ended up leaving this physician after one laser treatment was performed without a local anesthetic. As you can imagine, I jumped about 2 ft in the air! In any case, I later found out later that lasers should not be used to treat HPV because the virus can become airborne leading to infection in nearby skin areas.I then went to see a dermatologist who wanted to examine the area from about 2-3 ft away. He obviously knew nothing about the disease and was afraid the virus would somehow leap from my skin and infect his forehead. All he wanted to do was freeze my entire penis. Needless to say, I left promptly and never went back. So, not knowing where to turn, I found Dr. Arani on Google and saw that HPV treatment was his specialty. I quickly became hesitant as I approached his office because it is in a bad part of town. But, I remained optimistic thinking I had no other options. He spent virtually no time listening to me, examined me for about 2 minutes, and rapidly came to the conclusion that previously treated areas required additional treatment but for a very high cost of $2,800. He also insisted that I get the HPV vaccine for an additional $400 (HPV vaccines can be purchased for ~$200 per shot 3 shots required over 6-month period to be fully protected). Left with little choice and strongly desiring a cure, I went along praying that the psychological torture would be over once this was all said and done. He promised that this treatment would be all that I would need and that there would be little scarring following the procedure. After 1 months after the procedure, I noticed several suspicious areas. I felt hopelessness; I felt robbed. And, worst of all, I was coming to the realization that no one knew how to properly treat HPV. And, I had already endured 2 years of treatmentThen, I found Dr. Jeffrey Lauber on the web! Again, strongly desiring a cure, I called Dr. Lauber and explained my case. He was extremely knowledgeable and willing to see me. He listened and counseled me about my experiences but did not insist that I come see him unless I felt comfortable doing so. After several weeks thinking about my situation, I decided to see him for treatment. His office is in Newport Beach, California, and in a very safe, professional, and clean building/office space. He welcomed me with a hand shake and listened to my case once more. He examined me and quickly put me at ease. Basically, he treated me like a human being. Dr. Lauber took a holistic but minimalist approach to my treatment. Not only did he want to preserve my health but also that of my wife. I informed him that I was (and remain) happily married and that I made it a point to inform my wife of my case when I was originally diagnosed, and involve her in my treatment process. Dr. Lauber informed me that he does not treat women but that he knows a very skilled physician (one he trusts) working nearby who PROPERLY screens and treats women for HPV. He further counseled me that certain strains of the HPV virus can cause cancer and most at risk are women who do not get screened and/or get their annual pap smears.He collected a sample of a suspected area for biopsy (as he explained should always be done to ensure that you do not have a cancer-causing type of the virus) and educated me on my condition. The sample was sent to UCLA for analysis and fortunately came back negative for high-risk (cancer-causing) HPV but it did confirm I had a low-risk form. He put me on a regimented 6-month treatment plan to treat any unseen areas and was always available to see me whenever I was concerned about something. And, when I mean he is available, he really ishe TRULY cares about his patients and many of his patients call him years later just to let him know how they are doing. Dr. Lauber is a Board Certified Dermatologist who graduated from a reputable medical school (University of Southern California) and completed his residency at Tulane University. Most importantly, he focuses exclusively in treating HPV. He has been doing it for years and there is almost certainly no one in the world who knows how to PROPERLY treat HPV more than Dr. Lauber. Noteworthy is he sees patients all the time who think they have HPV only to find out they have some other benign skin issue. I wasted 2 years of my life and a great deal of money going to amateursI sincerely wish my first and only physician had been Dr. Lauber. I am now HPV free and I took steps to make sure my wife was screened and free of the condition. My wife and I have regained our lives all due to the caring expertise afforded us by Dr. Lauber!  


Hey Dr. Lauber,

I spent 8 years of fear with Genital Warts that i foolishly ignored, thinking they would one day “go away” on thier own.  Big Mistake. After finally deciding to deal with my issue i did some heavy reasearch and put my trust in the hands of Dr Lauber.  If your reading this testimonial, you have found the solution to your problem! Dr Lauber takes both a compassionate and informative approach in his treatment.  My Warts were almost painlessly removed and are healing better than i could have ever hoped for. i left his office without my genital warts and took away both peace of mind and eduaction on how to prevent going through this discouraging problem again. Dr Lauber is not only a skilled physcian specializing in Genital Wart remova,l but also takes the important step in Biopsying Warts to check for Cancer, which is a very real by-product of HPV that MUST be addressed. I cannot recommend Dr. Lauber enough, and encourage those looking for treatment to take that next step TODAY.

Please feel free to Edit and post this testimonial anyway you see fit.  I would like to try and see you again sometime this week to take care of my last Wart.  I feel like im pretty well healed up down there.  Thank you again so much and i hope you like Honey Jack Daniels lol.

Nick S


Dr. Lauber, thank you for everything. I owe you a drink! Best Wishes. Christine.


Jeff, I just wanted to thank you for “fixing me”. I actually have random people complimenting me on my beautiful skin! I just signed with a management company and the first thing they commented on was my skin! I swear to God! Amy.

Dr. Lauber, thank you so much for taking care of me! It was the worst, scariest, painful poison oak ever! Hope all is well. Love, Deb.

Dear Dr. Lauber, thank you so much for your help. It’s so nice to not feel pain! Sincerely Debbie.


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